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Contact me: or @itsnotokcupid on Twitter

Contribute: Over the next week or so, I will be redesigning this site so as to enable other contributors to get in on the act. If you fancy a platform for your thoughts, get in touch! (Twisted and jaded is fine; offensive and cruel is not.)


2 Responses to Contact / Contribute

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ve been my favorite profile on OkCupid since, like, the day I joined (which was only about a month ago). I am really psyched to see your recommendations of where you get food when you’re not cooking at home.

    It’s possible that I have a subconscious desire to be a baker groupie. It’s like, I can sorta play the guitar, but real rock stars just fucking own the guitar. So, the shit I measure with my flimsy little 1/8th teaspoons, you’re measuring by weight in a stainless-clad industrial kitchen. I’ll totally give you a blowjob in the alley behind your bakery and then you can slap me on the ass with your floury hands and never speak to me again.

  2. Cant wait 2hear from someone sexy n lookin 4re some lovingxxx

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