About me: London-based journalist and procrastinator. Features writer by day; dating scene veteran by night.

I’m available as a freelance hack here: http://www.journalism.co.uk/freelancers/2609

About this blog: On the Venn diagram of ‘depressing’ and ‘entertaining’, the overlap is labelled ‘OKCupid’.  Here lies the wisdom I’ve purveyed from the dating site.


2 Responses to About

  1. togf says:

    I like your blog. I recently did an experiment with okcupid to see what it’s like to be a very attractive male and female on the site and of caucasian race, I’m not a racist, but this was to see what the stereotypical media influenced ideally attractive people would experience on a dating site.. would be like. View these profiles:
    sycarv (attractive male)
    minv (attractive female)
    These are fake profiles that were created with literally at about 15 min each, answered the 25 questions, very minimal effort. One thing is that they both have a very attractive photograph.

    So as expected, the male received lots and lots of emails each day from attractive women on the site, and so did the female. One thing I noticed though was that the match system and the profiles that were sent to these two were of considerably more attractive than my real account (not as attractive). Basically, attractive people are matched attractive people. I’m based in New York so there are actually a lot of good looking people here, they are all over the city, cute girls all over. But these cute girls are non-existent to the average looking guy on okcupid. I didn’t realize this until I made these accounts. The reality is that there are a LOT of very attractive people on okcupid that are essentially blocked off and not accessible to uglier people. The average to ugly person on okcupid will very likely not even know that so many very attractive people (models, actresses, broadway performers) even exist on the site. Those average people will be sent other average people, with possibly a sprinkle of untouchables here and there.

    The profile of my fake attractive female,.. had her mailbox 45% full in less than one week, roughly 5 days. and 20 to 40 visitors a day. Just unbelievable, I can’t even imagine a real person that good looking effectively choosing the best of all the men. Surely she will be passing up a LOT of great candidates, the majority of these guys are New York lawyers, doctors, etc,.. I can remember one guy stated he went Johns Hopkins,.. so many great single male profiles. For her, she must basically be a data analyst to sort through all the profiles. As a male looking through her visitors, I just gave up and didn’t even login, it’s not even fun there are so many profiles. The cool thing though was seeing that there are a lot cool guys in the city and very creative profiles, I think it’s really sad that a lot of the girls won’t even visit a guy’s profile unless the picture is attractive, they are passing up so much. I really praise a lot of the guys on the site. The girls have it much easier, they just have to pick the right ones, meanwhile the guys put a lot clever, humorous reading into their profiles.

    Overall though, there is huge benefit to be caucasian, 6 feet + tall, and good looking on the site.

    Those profiles are locked off now but still up, feel free to ask any questions, this little test was very enlightening and changed my view online dating.

  2. togf says:

    I realize there are a lot of typos in that last post as it was written was very quickly.

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