OkCupid Personality Traits

I write this post with what some might term a ‘hangover’. Personally, I would call it god-given evidence that wedding receptions are wrong, but I’m fairly sure the symptoms are the same.

Anyway, as I curse the sunlight, and nurse my head, and stare at my gym kit with a sense of impending doom, it is strange to note that OkCupid thinks I’m ‘energetic’. Extremely energetic, in fact – according to the ‘personality’ tab I am something of an energy juggernaut compared to other users of my age and gender.

Sounds about right – assuming other users of my age and gender are currently in a coma.

In truth, I’m rather torn with regards this personality analysis malarkey. On the one hand, the site has said some quite nice things about me. Apparently I’m one cool bean. Not very spiritual, not very organised, a bit of a commie, and definitely not pure, but I am significantly cooler than you.

On the other hand, I am sceptical as to what OkC is extrapolating from our match answers. When the questions are often so vaguely-worded, does my answer mean what they think it means? How are questions  about clams and houseboats translated into traits? And given that these traits are scored relative to the OkCupid population, rather than to the population at large, might there be a misleading skew?

The ‘energetic’ one, of course, is pretty simple. I answered numerous match questions to the effect of ‘are you energetic?’. Less obvious are traits like ‘conventionally moral’ (no sex?), ‘pure’ (no booze?), ‘lonely’ (sizeable collection of Celine Dion power ballads?)  and experience, or otherwise, in love.

I suspect that, with some of the questions, the site’s being too smart and/or whimsical for its own good. Although there may be just a smidgen of truth in its data crunching. If someone’s top three traits are ‘more arrogant’, ‘more aggressive’ and ‘less kind’, chances are they’re not going to be the snuggly little love bunny you’ve been waiting for all your life.

As for being more ‘laid back’, I’ll take that. This hangover’s on the verge of sending me back to bed…


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British freelance journalist living in the Netherlands
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14 Responses to OkCupid Personality Traits

  1. Nick says:

    Actually, I think this is all just a trick to get you to answer more questions. You take a look at the bars and think, hmm, that’s not quite me – so let me answer some questions about houseboats as well.

    When I sat back after answering my first batch of questions, I reviewed the initial analysis and discovered that I was more kinky by far. And, I thought, hmm, without any denials, I’m not sure that I want that one right up top.

    Anyway, I have a hangover too, so forgive me for not exactly addressing the subject of your post. But as for the data crunching, I do think that if you answer enough questions and match the analysis to you and others, then there is a certain truth to it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I often wonder if the matches they come up with are bullshit, I mean am I the only one who has a 99% match?

  3. jonathan says:

    how many questions did it take to get that many personality rankings?!?!? that looks f’n crazy. i only got a smidge of less-love driven. i guess i must’ve answered all of the, “would you leave a woman at the altar if she thought grammar nazis are actual nazis?” with yes.

    • Abi Millar says:

      Yeah, I’ve answered far too many questions. You know those nights where you should go to bed but you stay up till 3am doing nothing whatsoever? That.
      Also you shouldn’t be getting engaged to a woman like that in the first place. 🙂

      • jonathan says:

        hmm i think the question is good enough to submit to okcupid. i’ll add “the day of the wedding” to it, just for kicks. i’ve been on it for about three days, on my own – my friends tricked me onto there with, “hey lets do a quiz online, just chill while i ask you some questions. (2o minutes later) and here are your ok cupid matches…” right now, i don’t have a ton of time to be on it, but i think i’ll message some people to try it out. i’ll stick to your blog too, it’s pretty funny.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just answered a question about Buddiism and it went from having no arrogance at all to it being my highest one?!?

  5. Tom K says:

    Yes, I’m very confused about my personality ratings now because my highest one is “Arrogant” now. I don’t know how this came about because I consider myself a pretty humble person, I teach at an inner city school, I live a simple and non-flashy life, and I answered a lot of questions that seemed to have nothing to do with things that I would say make one seem arrogant. Now, I have this “you are arrogant” thing staring at my face… including, probably, the faces of my matches, and possibly scaring them away. SHAME ON YOU, OKCUPID!!!!

    • Anonymous #2 says:

      I wonder if arrogance scores also are measured by rejecting a large number of quiver matches, or not responding to many messages from other users, or by constantly revising one’s profile? I have purposefully answered lots more questions, and deleted previously answered questions that I thought might correlate to this “arrogance” score in an effort to minimize this trait. I deleted a lot of my sex-related questions so that “more sex-driven” wouldn’t be my first listed trait.

  6. ver jaina says:

    LOL glad that i found this blog…because i have nothing better to do than answering the personality questions…almost 1500!
    and i think it is somehow reflects me…quite accurate. i’m most pure than average person? what’s that supposed to mean?

    • Abi Millar says:

      I think the purity thing has something to do with drugs (?) I’ve answered about 900 questions and could keep going. It’s embarrassingly addictive.

      • ver jaina says:

        I see…yes it is! i found myself guilty of keep answering them although i should be on my assignments right now..hehe.
        nevertheless i skipped a lot of repeating/similar questions too, and the obvious sex only questions.

  7. Anonymous #2 says:

    What does “More Cool” mean in the personality traits? Because according to the OKC algorhythm oracle, coolness is one of my stronger traits. Is that cool as in reserved and stoic? Or cool as in fun and one of the cool kids?

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