A plea for help…

Everyone, it’s time that I came clean. Despite the pie-in-the-sky optimism of my last post, I’m losing faith. I’m running out of things to blog about.

Here’s my plea for help, then. I need some ideas. They can be quite inane ideas, if you like, or wacky ones, or horror stories of your own that you’d like me to sensationalise. All I know is, the post I’ve been working on for the past two weeks has left me feeling roughly as enthused as a beard enthusiast at a razor convention.

Please leave any suggestions in the comments section. The best one gets 10% of the profit if ever I decide to sell out and stick ads on here.

I recommend putting it towards a subscription to a different dating site…


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10 Responses to A plea for help…

  1. Having signed up to, but not paid for, both Match and eHarmony, and having a PlentyOfFish account, OKCupid is by far the best site out there. The problem with eHarmony is that their idea of “local” included people over 100 miles away. There’s not a lot to say about PlentyOfFish, but the biggest problem is that the average profile has less content than most classified ads, which kinda forces you to send “Hi, you look interesting” messages, but you really have no idea if you’re likely to get on.

    Have you looked at tastebuds.fm? Interesting idea.

  2. Angus Young says:

    A light-hearted look at the statistics of your inbox. It might sound a little nerdy, but the OKC Trends articles can be quite interesting maybe personalising your experience from the statistical perspective could be fun?

  3. Art S. Chapman says:

    Hi there,
    How about this for an idea: I know being positive and dare I say, *optimistic* is terribly un-british but seeing as you’ve done the “Worst 5 messages”, how about trying your hand at “Best 5 messages” you’ve received.
    That is of course assuming that there have been at least 5 good ones!

    Cheers for the entertaining read 😉

  4. Mark says:

    What dating site would you recommend moving to?

  5. Sloth says:

    I read the entirety of your blog, here are some ideas you haven’t already discussed.

    How to break the mold? Something between your post messages best avoided and actually having a first date.

    Challenges, I challenge you the reader to get a 100% complete profile and go on three dates with people from OKCupid (thats how I originally got involved).

    Celebrity guest and cameo, interview someone like the author of The Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half, see what their take on online dating is.

    Make a fake profile and go on a date, blog about the results. I recommend doing something very different, like bringing a dog/cat on the date with you.

    Travel, next time you make a trip, wherever you end up, arrange a date with a local via online resources.

    Best date that results from OKC, longest dating period?

    Double Date

    Go on a Date with a quiver match

  6. Abi Millar says:

    Thanks very much to all who commented – and to those who messaged me. I’ll be on here asap, shamelessly sponging off the ingenuity of others 🙂

  7. Alex says:

    Ahh, tastebuds.fm looks interesting… if only as novelty!

    I second some of the ideas suggested here, hopefully they will provide some inspiration. I know what it’s like to feel the “blogger’s block” – the best advice I’ve ever heard is: simply don’t write unless you have something you really want to say.

    Anyway, there’s going to come a point where you’re exhausting the generic aspects of online dating, so a few specifics (anecdotes, even) might be interesting!

    Good luck, and keep going.

  8. Nick says:

    Test that famous algorithm out for real, go out with your biggest enemy and report back. Interesting social experiment? Do opposites attract?

    My money’s on no, but then again my money’s also on OkCupid not being half as smart as it thinks it is.

  9. nancy says:

    ok cupids suck bad it stay mess up half the time and you cant login in

  10. Possible sources for ideas:

    If you’ve not already checked ’em out, check out OkCupid’s blog OkTrends:
    … pretty interesting stuff, and what first drew my attention to OkCupid was hearing about their OkTrends blog and their data analysis, etc. there.

    Check out my OkCupid (semi-)related blog, if you wish – perhaps start at the oldest post and read/skim through ’em chronologically for possible ideas/topics:
    … you might have to get about 3 or 4 posts into it before you get some material that’s quite a bit OkCupid related.

    And, there’s generally lots of potential ideas for material on OkCupid itself – try looking at various random stuff – and also information on the experiences people have with/from OkCupid – successes, failures, interesting and amusing stories, surprises, etc.

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